Friday, September 01, 2006

Smart dressing

Some people have called me a snappy dresser in my time and I like to look after myself in as much as a Dad of two can. This weekend I'm going shopping with my wife to get some new clothes. To that end, I'll be studying some of my Top Gear videos to get some style tips from my style guru, Jeremy Clarkson. His style suits me down the ground - jeans, a shirt that I've had for a while, comfortable shoes. However it's going to be such a wrench to not wear my favourite green jumper. My wife washes it in Lenor so it has that "Comfort" feeling - makes me think of home when I'm away. In fact, I might just go and get it now as it's getting a bit chilly.


Blogger cueball said...

Ive always thought that you were a 'Bold3' or 'Dreft'sort of guy but hey if lenor is your thing you stick with it. The image change will do you good! It worked for me.You could do a lot worse than pick up a few fashion tips from your good mate The Atom, but I doubt if you could get away with wearing a pink shirt in the lions would get a little ribbing from the lads I suspect.Re the green pullover..have you thought of one with a reindeer on the front? It would be a talking point, and the ladies would start talking to you.

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