Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Bus is Parked, I'm on the Wagon

One of the vendors on my grand UK tour is based in Belfast. As the meeting was on a Monday I decided to come out early and sample the delights of Belfast again. On arrival on Saturday I went to the pub for a few pints of the black stuff. A few turned into quite a few. Which turned into a lot. When I got in at 4am, I was feeling brilliant. The next morning I wasn't feeling so great, so I headed out for some hair of the dog. Seemed to do the trick and the day flew by. Can't beat a bit of culture, and when the culture involves the pub it seemed rude not to.

The next morning I had to go to work with the geeks at the vendor meeting. It was a bit of a drag, not helped by the mild hangover, so I kept my hands and mouth busy all day by eating sandwiches and biscuits. Seemed to do the trick, I don't think anyone noticed.

I went out for dinner and a few drinks with the geeks at night after the meeting. I was feeling pretty rough by now, my body no longer copes with 3 days drinking like when I was 21. Maybe because I'm nearer 41, I'm not sure. One of the the group commented that my eye was a slightly different colour, but I'm putting that down to bad lighting and too much artificial colours from the salad cream in the sandwiches.

This morning however, I was really fed up with Ireland. I was away from home, without my favourite green jumper, it was cold and very wet. I ordered a taxi, and the lying bugger said they would be there in 2 minutes, so I waited outside the hotel. After 15 minutes the bugger still hadn't turned up, so when a taxi arrived for someone else, I think he said Windy Miller but accent was odd so I'm not sure, anyway, I just got in. I just wanted to be home. So, I've decided to go on the wagon. No more beer. No more curries. No more Wagon Wheels. That's it. I'm a new man.


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