Wednesday, February 07, 2007


I hate training courses.

I'd been made to go on one for a new application. Before we got started, the guy teaching it asked us all for a brief introduction as to who we were and what we did. As the guy went round the room, I lost the will to live and by the time he came round to me I flippantly said I knew everything about software and hardware. That'll teach him, I thought, and should make him leave me alone and stop asking me questions so I can relax and read my cartoons newspaper.

However, my cunning plan seems to have backfired. Just when I was getting off to sleep, the guy (muttering something about xml schemas and drawing diagrams - why do these techies always draw diagrams? I thought they were all code monkeys?) turns to me and says "and of course, Sam you'll know all about this".

Of course I did. And it was then I reaslised - I'd spent too much time with the geeks. So I'm off into hiding, trying to get my business analysis mojo back by hanging out with some fellow BAs and playing with models. Now, where did I put that airfix kit?


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