Monday, July 23, 2007

Green jumper - the back story

All of that rain back in England reminds me of the skills we learned during our special forces training. One of the key things to remember was to keep your clothes dry and stay warm. As a result, when in covert operations in hostile territory and heavy rain we were taught to strip off smear ourselves in camouflage paint (or mud, if necessary) and pack our clothes away in sealed plastic bags. This may seem bizarre, but that way we had something dry to put on when we camped from the night.

After being snagged by the in-law's fishing line I spent a while recuperating in Northern Ireland. Unfortunately it never stops raining in the province... and when I went out walking (in my slightly dazed state) my training would automatically kick-in. I am no longer welcome in Tescos, the Post Office, or several of the local pubs. After the last incident my brother-in-law offered me a green jumper to cover me up (and save the locals from feelings of inadequacy)... and that's why I have a great fondness for (and large wardrobe filled with) green jumpers


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