Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Sartorial Heros

Some of you may have noticed that I'm one of the sharpest dressers out there. I have a wardrobe full of designer gear at home, and I like nothing more than wandering around Covent Garden on a Saturday afternoon buying clothes from Paul Smith and the like. You should see the suit linings there, just heavenly! As an example, on a recent shopping excursion I couldn't resist this little outfit for when I go to the local market in France:

Snazzy huh? I think the root of this comes from my special forces training, where we spent all the time in fatigues and combat gear. That will always have a place in my wardrobe for special occasions (for example, I think the next door farmer is stealing my apples, so I have to keep him under surveillance. To do this, I hide out in a bush while in full combats - I'll tell more another time), but I love nothing more than the feel of a cashmere jumper, or even better, my cashmere underpants - I usually go commando but when the need arises, you have to wear the best.

Anyway, I take as much pride in my appearance as anyone I know, and always aim to be presentable. There is a line though, they say you should never dress better than your boss, so I've had to tone my look while at work, and when I go out socially with the follow workers. The problem is I don't really know what that look should be, so I've had to understand how "normal" people dress. I hate the clothes though, bloody awful stuff, I'd rather be lounging in Gucci or Prada, but what can you do. So I undertook some research as to what normal people wear by watching TV.

I found that the clothes normal people wear are so dull. Where's the silk lining? Where's the colour? Anyway, one person I found I've based my whole look on. He's the ideal person on who to base my style on. He is a dedicated family man who'll do anything for anyone, always chipper and greets you with a smile, much like myself. He works hard for both himself and his family. What more could you want in a role model? He has this odd thing called facial hair as well, so I've even tried to copy his, although I can only dream of the day I have a moustache as bushy as him. Even better though is his love of green jumpers, it's like a comfort blanket for me! I know he has been featured before, but the man is just so cool, I can't help but not declare my love for him. Tell me dear reader, can you think of a more deserving normal person to base my look on?



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