Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have a long commute now that means I have to leave the tank in France. All my training means that I know it's best to leave a military presence in the local area. It keeps the locals on their toes, makes sure there is no slacking while they tend to the country pile. However it does mean I can't sing along to my "Brotherhood of Man" tape while shouting at other drivers on the drive to work. I've also found that train passengers are not too keen on my singing as I attempt to while away the hours. Don't they appreciate my great musical tone? Would it really hurt to have a sing-a-long?

Anyway, someone suggested I buy an Apple, but I didn't see how buying fruit would help, particularly as I own most of the orchards in France. It transpires though they meant something called an ipod, whatever that is. So I bought one, and I'm sure it's very good. I think it must be amazing actually, I mean it's so small it must have some kind of tardis feature to it! The problem is I just can't seem to find a way of opening it to get my cassette's in. Maybe I'll ask one of the geeks, they are bound to know.


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