Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Bus is Parked, I'm on the Wagon

One of the vendors on my grand UK tour is based in Belfast. As the meeting was on a Monday I decided to come out early and sample the delights of Belfast again. On arrival on Saturday I went to the pub for a few pints of the black stuff. A few turned into quite a few. Which turned into a lot. When I got in at 4am, I was feeling brilliant. The next morning I wasn't feeling so great, so I headed out for some hair of the dog. Seemed to do the trick and the day flew by. Can't beat a bit of culture, and when the culture involves the pub it seemed rude not to.

The next morning I had to go to work with the geeks at the vendor meeting. It was a bit of a drag, not helped by the mild hangover, so I kept my hands and mouth busy all day by eating sandwiches and biscuits. Seemed to do the trick, I don't think anyone noticed.

I went out for dinner and a few drinks with the geeks at night after the meeting. I was feeling pretty rough by now, my body no longer copes with 3 days drinking like when I was 21. Maybe because I'm nearer 41, I'm not sure. One of the the group commented that my eye was a slightly different colour, but I'm putting that down to bad lighting and too much artificial colours from the salad cream in the sandwiches.

This morning however, I was really fed up with Ireland. I was away from home, without my favourite green jumper, it was cold and very wet. I ordered a taxi, and the lying bugger said they would be there in 2 minutes, so I waited outside the hotel. After 15 minutes the bugger still hadn't turned up, so when a taxi arrived for someone else, I think he said Windy Miller but accent was odd so I'm not sure, anyway, I just got in. I just wanted to be home. So, I've decided to go on the wagon. No more beer. No more curries. No more Wagon Wheels. That's it. I'm a new man.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Finally! Someone who understands my needs!

Brilliant! What a great day I've had, and it's in Slough!

First up, the "magic bus" got me here really early, so I went down to my favourite local breakfast emporium for a 2nd breakfast (well, it's quite a trip to Slough and it had taken a lot out of me). It's amazing how much you can get in McDonalds these days for breakfast. An egg mcmuffin and coffee later, I was ready to face the day.

On arrival for the visit we were ushered into a meeting room for what would be, on paper, a long and tiring day with more blooming rich tea biscuits. But no! They had come up trumps! Wagon Wheels!!! My absolute favourite! Although they could have got the jam ones... Maybe I'll let them off as they had pengiuns too. Lunch was brought out early as I'd eaten all the biscuits. Joy of joy! Pizza! The day just got better and better.

The only thing with all these vendor meetings is that they are all in London so I've been at home every night. My wife is getting fed up of me asking all the time if we can have a curry like when I'm away. And she doesn't even leave me out packets of biscuits for the Simpsons like they do in the hotel. On the plus side, I don't have to spend the time with the geeks talking about components again. Or worse, all the blogs they read. Now, where did I put all those Wagon Wheels...

The wheels on the bus go round and round

With all this travelling, I've been considering the environment. Perhaps alternative transport would be better than my brick.

The geeks keep going on about a "Magic bus" and get all excited about it. Perhaps I'll look if I can get it to Woking.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


God I feel rough. One of those days that you daren't stray too far from mr Armitage and Mr Shanks.
Can't be the curry. Didn't have one.
I haven't raided the jam pots either.
Maybe I picked up something in the pit that was my hotel near Manchester. Question is, can I get home without stopping?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Keep on trucking...

I'm spending the next few weeks "on the road" visiting various suppliers. This gives me a chance to raid various other hotels for jam pots who've not caught onto me yet, while also sampling curries in other areas of the UK. The downside is I have to spend time with the geeks, who will no doubt go on about how brilliant (or otherwise) the software is over dinner. Again. Mind you, it gives me a chance to help myself to their curries when they aren't looking!

Of course, suplier meetings are all about the quality of the lunches. On one agenda, a vendor has listed a "working lunch with sandwiches provided". Well, while they are working, I'll be found at the sandwiches.