Friday, January 23, 2009


Had a bit of a panic after christmas I can tell you. Saw a notice in work that said there was a virus going around. I wasn't having any of that! My body is a bit of a temple. Went off to town and stocked upon my favourite remedy, 'night nurse'. Had a few drops there and then before going back to the office. What wonderful stuff - no man flu for me. Woke up just in time to go home. Could have been worse, could have been a computer virus. 

Friday, January 16, 2009


Life has its perks. When in the land of the garlic munchers I still drive around in my 'beast', but when I last landed at Liverpool International I headed over to my new mates at Hertz. I was offered a Fiesta and between you and me I was surprised that they new what my favourite reading literature was. Of course I accepted the offer hoping that I didn’t already have it.. (I will have to buy a new suitcase as the one I keep at my mates house is getting a bit full), How disappointed was I to find that I had been offered a car called a Fiesta. Not for long though. Its like my beast but with more power. In fact its very much like my favourite magazine. Pure joy!