Thursday, March 22, 2007


So, I headed back to the office in Worcester today for the first time in a while. I'm most impressed. At long last they have recognised my valuable contribution to the project and the requirement to concrete my personal parking space.

Now, if I can avoid mounting kerbs with "the beast" I'll get on so much better.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lamp-him 'ard

I've been told that a Spurs fan was rather upset at the result last night and tried the throw a punch at someone called Lampard. (I believe this is a football thing - almost as dull as an technical meeting). However a collegue of a foxy nature is a Spurs fan...wonder if he can account for his whereabouts last night about 10pm?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Dangerous Animals

I find it really irritates me when people dismiss a persons real life experience for nor't but rely instead on there own pure conjecture on subject they've never had any really experience of!

Take for instance, when I was asked to comment on a discussion over which is the most dangerous animal in the world, a shark or bear? Moreover, which you would most fear to be attacked by?

Really! These people have no idea what they're on about.

Take the so called great white shark for starters; does this picture of one I found on the web fill you with dread?

I think not, looks like an over growin dolphin playing on the waves.

And a bear, for goodness sake

It’s just a like big cuddly toy .........

Who could even consider either of these as the most dangerous animal in the world?

It is easy to see how discussions like this could be irritating to me. Since these people have never had any real life encounters with dangerous animal, unlike my good self but still dismissed my comments! Yes I've stared into the eyes of the greatest monster of all and live to tell the tale... but the memory of that cruel day still makes me shudder.

I remember that day so long ago now ... when as a young care free lad in Africa I ran into the beast from hell.

In that, moment the whole world went strangely quite it, as it slowly turned its great ugly head to glare at me... The glare from those huge cruel eyes instantly brought on my first and only sensation of fear, paralysing my entire body. Unable to move or run, sweat gushing down my face I started to tremble uncontrollably and then the beast suddenly turned and stood on its hind legs to face me. Displaying in all its full savage, horrifying glory that which is the dominance of a primate male

of a tribe of Baboons.

Suddenly it charged at me... and I'll never know how I over came my fear but as he grew nearer to me, with his limbs waving wildly and directly at me. I managed to turn around over coming my paralysis and ran blindly away from this demon. I ran, and ran like never before.

Sadly, although (with the greatest luck anybody has ever had) I managed to get away from the devil beast of a baboon, my luck did not last. At some stage during my frantic escape I fell into a dark and fowl hole injuring my leg. Its never really quite recovered but that a story for another day